A brunch we enjoyed – Half Moon

This post has been sitting around for almost 4-5 months, for some unknown reason, but I did want to share it with people, partly because this was a really nice meal, relaxing and festive all at once. Other than telling about the restaurant – Half Moon, in Dobbs Ferry, I did want to highlight our source for deciding on the place. This has not been the first time we trusted Small Bites, actually whenever there is a holiday and we are at a loss, I am thrilled to have a source to turn to – a predictable, reliable and trusted source.
So here we were – all four of us, for their lovely jazz brunch. The waitress seated us in a quite table on the second level, which offered us beautiful views of the soft snow that was out side and the tables of diners. We could not quite see all the musicians which might be a good thing, since my son might have been tempted to try to join themWhat we ate was a really nice New England Clam Chowder, full of clams rich but not unnaturally thick. They also had an apple and butternut squash soup, the picture does not do the soup justice. It was light but and had a gentle tang.I had – yes, you guessed it eggs benedict, in fact, that is what reminded me about this post in the drafts, because I just made eggs benedict this morning.They also has some nice pan-fried fish with mango salsa and blue potatoes.
We actually had creme brullee for dessert, just do not have the pictures. With summer right here this restaurant would be a great place to check out and enjoy!
Half Moon is located in Dobbs Ferry, New York
The Half Moon
1 High Street
Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522
914 693 4130

The Cookery – Everybody loves it and so do we!

There is a saying that before deciding on a new restaurant, one should try it twice. Well if the restaurant is Dave Di Bari’s cookery , in Dobbs Ferry, you can actually very happily take this advice and want to go several times again for good measure. The first time we wanted to try the place was on mother’s day but they do not take reservations for small groups and that really is not the day to go to such a well liked place, without reservations.

Well, recently Anshul and I celebrated a decade of marriage, actually that also makes it ten years of living in Westchester County. The food scene has changed a lot for the better in these past few years, in fact restaurants like the cookery are quite symbolic of this change. This place was just lovely in its casual comfortable set-up. It has some really nice homey touches, like bread being served in ricotta cartons, comfortable aged wood tables, cotton kitchen towels being used as napkins.

The menu should have just been a small plates menu, since their appetizers were so good we did not even get to the main course. In fact, they were a little startled to see us make a meal of the appetizers. I did get back there at lunchtime and try one of their pasta’s with a friend. What we loved was the polenta with lamb sausage (I wonder where one can find some). The creamy polenta was gently laced with apricots and some tomato jam. The pork a la plancha was just so amazingly soft. The calamari in the calamari salad was soft and well done.

We did try the easter pie, above this was actually a little too salty for us. It essentially is an Italian version of a quiche. We also tried the grilled scamozza cheese with tomato jam. This is something we might get again if we return back with the kids. It was a little too heavy for us. The tomato jam while very good, I think is a little too extended in its use.

I returned and tried the ricotta crostino, which was very interesing since the bread had been heated on the grill adding a lovely rustic touch to the bread. The organic lettuce salad was nice and refreshing, the dressing had a very distinct taste of lemon zest.
We tried the radiatore with lamb although the mint could be a little more pronounced. This restaurant overall is an amazing blend of sophisticated comfort food. The overall beauty of the compact menu is that it would be really easy to zone in on which dishes work for you and which do not. If there was one change that I could make, I would lose the TV – I know it is in the bar area but for such a compact place, the event does spill over to the dining area.

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Staples, a frequent lunch spot and weekend

Cedar Street in Dobbs Ferry is like a mini-restaurant row – there is a lot of variety in a little strip that has at least 6 – 8 restarants of varing ethinic cuisines – Japanese, Bistro, Greek, Chinese, Pizza/Italian and then Mexican. These restaurants have been my lunchtime mainstay the past two years, let me begin my telling you about Tomatillo
I first was introduced to Tomatillo, by Peter Roth, a former colleague. Peter likes healthy and easy on the wallet. I think by now, I have tried most of the menu. The food is interesting a little light on spice, but a lovely stop on a relaxed day. They use local organic products, and have lunch specials, sunday brunch specials and a regular highly affordable menu. The food is offered with optional sauces range from creamy cilatro pesto to chipotle salsa.
Items worth mentioning is a breakfast burritto, made with stone barns eggs and chorizo, fish tacos – really fresh tasting cornmeal coated fish, an avocado and chorizo salad.

The sangria is very fruity but packs a punch and they offer two desserts a dense and rich flan and a chocolate mint cake. Do try the place while picking up a quick bite, it is a fun exercise.

Much like tomatillo, my cumin yellow rice with peas is a stapple, very basic and simple – 1 teaspoon oil, 1 teaspoon ghee, small chopped onion, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1/2 cup peas, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup basmati rice and 2 cups water.

Heat, mix other stuff, add rice and water, cook for 20 minutes, enjoy!
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